No organization is possible without the dedication, passion, and support of a wonderful staff. Each person within Communities in Schools of Catoosa County plays a vital role in the services we are able to provide to our community.


Suzanne Chovanec, Executive Director

Our program could not run without her at the reigns, guiding us each and every day. Not only does she run the program, but she gets down there with us, helping those with open arms and an open heart. She is the glue that holds us all together. Through her hard work and determination, we continue to serve the families, the students, the underserved, and the underprivileged in Catoosa County. She fights for us and she fights for those we help.


Susan Barrett, Grant Coordinator

Susan is the Grant Coordinator here at CIS Catoosa. Without her, the data collected from our services would not be entered into each individual grant. Through her work, she ensures we maintain the grants needed to be there for our students and families in Catoosa County. She takes our phone calls each month, answers our questions, and keeps us in line and on track.


Tammie walker, site supervisor

Tammie is over our Parents as Teachers Program. Parents as Teachers is a school-readiness, home visitation program that focuses on Parent-Child Interaction, Development Centered Parenting, and Family Well-Being.
Tammie Walker has been with the program for over 14 years, and she cares just as much (if not more!) today as she did when she first started. Ask any one of the families she sees monthly and you'll find a caring, fun, and energetic Parent Educator that gives her all for all of her families.


Jennifer Davis, Parent Educator

Jennifer is another one of our Parent Educators for the Parents as Teachers program. Working mostly with the teen parents, Jennifer sincerely cares for each one of the moms or dads on her caseload. All of the teen parents find a source of support from Ms. Jennifer. Not only is she a Parent Educator, but she is always one of the first to volunteer to help with any of our other programs or activities


Debbie Eaker, Parent Educator

Debbie is also a Parent Educator for our Parents as Teachers program. She looks forward to seeing her families monthly, and tries to be a beacon of support for each and every one of them. She has built a strong relationship with the parents and children she visits.


Rachael James, Parent Educator

Rachael is our newest Parent Educator and we are so glad to have her! She is an artist and brings that special creativity to the families she serves.


Jessica Haskins, Site coordinator

Jessica is the site coordinator at Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe High School. Not only does she do her site coordination duties, but she is also in charge of the Student Success Center. In the SSC students can find clothes, wash their clothes, and borrow business attire for interviews- there is also a food pantry, and a room for peer-led tutoring. In addition, Jessica is also a coordinator for the SPY Program at Cloud Springs Elementary.


Terri Little, Site Coordinator

Terri is the Site Coordinator at Lakeview Middle School. She goes above and beyond for the students she serves, and even stays in contact with students she served in the past. Terri sincerely cares about all of the students she comes in contact with, and is truly a blessing to everyone around her.


Julie Bass, Site Coordinator

Julie is the Site Coordinator for the Performance Learning Center. She has one of the biggest hearts around, and this past year she worked tirelessly on helping students earn their credits for graduation, fill out their FAFSA's for school, and so much more.


Emily Giles, PLC Nurse

Nurse Emily is there for each and everyone of the students at the PLC, and each and every one of them know her and look up to her. She listens to them, cares for them, and has to send them back to class because they enjoy her company so much


Aylis Jeavons, CSE Site Coordinator

Aylis is the Site Coordinator at Cloud Springs Elementary and as a site coordinator, it is her role to develop a curriculum for our SPY after school program, facilitate supports within the school, and coordinate volunteers and mentors.