loaning someone your strength instead of reminding them of their weaknesses.


Starting this year, we as an organization will be creating a campaign of kindness. Kindness to everyone. Kindness to the least of these. Kindness to those who may not be kind back. Our kindness will not discriminate.

In honor of our loss just a few months ago, in honor of those lost in senseless, hateful tragedies, in honor of those bullied and beaten down, we want to be kind. We want you to join in on our kindness.

We’re told we can be anything. Why not be kind?

Stay tuned for events, activities, and other ways you can help us spread kindness, not only in Catoosa County, but in every community we can.

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We effectively deliver the human, financial, and community resources to help children succeed in school and in life.


For 20 years, Communities In Schools of Catoosa County has been helping students achieve in school, graduate, and on to bright futures. Our unique model positions site coordinators inside the school to assess student’s needs and provide resources to help them succeed in the classroom and in life. We partner with local businesses, social services, agencies, healthcare providers, and volunteers. Whether it’s food, school supplies, counseling, academic assistance, or a positive role model, Communities In Schools is there to help.



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